The term Sales is a process of helping clients succeed in a way they feel right about it. Sales skills are life skills as well, as it teaches us to think more clearly and communicate more effectively. It is one profession where things cannot be monotonous as each client is different from others. However, these exciting things come with a price. Sales and stress are synonyms to each other; one cannot function without others. Be it the target pressure or the worry about closing a deal or the apprehensions until the product or services get delivered, and it is always a stressful situation for people working in the sales department.

As salesperson deals with different clients, it becomes necessary for them to give the client the best possible solutions or services that they need. If clients ascertains that they are not getting the solution that meets their needs, they have two options either they can choose to do nothing or go somewhere else. The pressure of coming up with the right solution for the clients leads to stress, as there is fear whether the client buys the solutions provided by you and then, later on, they discovers

that it does not meet their needs. To attain this one must keep focussing on a solution that exactly fits the client’s needs; it will organize and guide the behaviours toward a common goal of getting the best possible solutions. The key is to understand the needs of the clients, ask them questions to be clear about their requirement and so that both you and your client are on the same page. It is best avoided to start talking about the solution before understanding what you are supposed to solve; you decrease the client’s confidence.

Client retention is another stress-worthy issue in sales. Client retention is essential for the revenue and the reputation of the organization. Having the Client stop availing your services is the biggest fear of any sales personnel. To ensure that the client is retained you have to start building the trust with the client, and if trust is compromised, information flow is severely curtailed, and you are far less likely to craft a solution they feel meets their needs. Client retention can be done when you start thinking from the client’s perspective and make it your intent to help them succeed.

The better you understand what the client wants and needs, the better the choices you can bring to the table. It gives the client a sense of importance, and they are assured that the result would be favourable to their requirements and which helps in cementing a long-lasting relationship with the clients.

Another way to not come under stress is by effectively planning and having plan A & B in place which would help the salesperson avoiding the last minute ‘Closing Stress’. Having an effective sales plan will give you clarity about how things are going; also it keeps you on track with your targets. The stress normally is due to one’s assumptions of how would the seniors respond to the tasks that the salesperson is performing.

The most important thing to keep in mind while dealing with the stress is to be physically and mentally fit. You have to take time out from routine life and take care of ourselves also. It is crucial to take fitness seriously both physical and mental. Regular exercise and meditation help a lot in coping with stress because a healthy body and mind reflect on the performance and behaviour of the person.