For any organization to survive the lifeline is their customers. The reason company stay afloat is because of the customers they have retained. In other words, the success of the organization entirely depends upon their customers; hence every company goes an extra mile to keep their clients happy and satisfied. It is imperative that the needs of the customer have to be looked upon even after the sale is made.

Merely selling the product or service to the clients is not enough what also matters is how you maintain your relationship with them once the sale is made. Clients should not feel that they haven’t been taken care of after they have been sold the product or service. Their grievances, queries, etc. should be looked into and resolved on a priority basis as in today’s time they are spoilt for choices if one brand doesn’t satisfy their requirement  without  blinking  an eye they will move to another one and spoil a lot of potential clients by venting their feedback on Social Media.

Keeping this in mind nowadays most companies have a dedicated customer relationship team in order to give prompt and effective customer service to clients. All the customer has
to do is give a call, mail them or chat with them on their website, and their team will do the needful. Customer retention has become a priority due to the ever-growing competition. 

One of the significant advantages of giving excellent customer service is that it will increase the brand value as well as the profits of the company. A well looked after customer is the most influential brand ambassador of the company. A happy customer has a domino effect, i.e. the customer will recommend the brand to their peers, friends, etc. which gives the brand a boost.

Take the example of Natural Ice Cream when before 2009 Natural Ice Cream gave more priority to their manufacturing and customer service was not given too much importance. When Mr. Srinivas Kamath joined the family business, he started a separate entity which gave importance to customer service.

This shift in the culture bore fruit when the company grew from 30 crores in 2009 to 195 crores in 2018. Moreover, the most surprising part is Natural Ice Cream grew without much advertising and promotion; it became  a success majorly through word of mouth; that’s  what truly satisfied customers can do to the business. This is the power of customer service; it is like a magnet which attracts the customers towards it, making the brand a success.