In today's world technology plays a significant role. Everyone is dependent on technology. You're no longer required to remember the phone number as calling a person is just a click away; there is no chance of forgetting an important appointment as this is taken care of by Google calendar or the reminder feature in your mobile phone etc. Nowadays it has gone so far that we can ask the Virtual Assistant to do little things like to play your favourite song or even ask it to search something for you. Over the years we are getting more and more dependent on technology.

Technology has evolved over the year's right from replacing the age-old use of ordinary mail to email, from the use of paper documents to going completely paperless. Co-ordinating for work with overseas clients or overseas team is now just a click away. Consequently productivity of people has gone up due to these various technological inventions and the efficiency of the people has deemed to have increased fourfold due to different technological advancements, as people can concentrate on things which will give them more fruitful results.

However, have we ever thought as to whether being dependent on technology is a good thing or a bad thing? Are these technologies making you productive? If we look around we have become a slave to the technology, unfortunately even for minor things we are dependent upon some or the other devices right from the alarm clock in the morning to making of our dinner. It is a sad reality but even to distract a child or to pacify a child these days the easy way to do so is to give them the mobile phone which unfortunately most of the times does the trick. We have become so addicted or dependent on these technologies that we fail to recognise the fact that we have become a slave to these gadgets.

Although there is no denying that technology has made our life more comfortable and efficient, but it has also led to the fact that we are missing the important things like building strong and healthy relationships, collaborating on critical problems, or doing reflective, thoughtful and focused work. These are things where technology is of no use and they are more important than the constant clicking people are nowadays used to. At the same time there are many ways through which we can rule technology; one of the ways is to understand that you need to essentially manage four kinds of information, two out of them, i.e., Appointments and Tasks, you can act on; the other two, i.e., Contacts and Notes/Documents are the information that you act on or file away for future references. These are called the Core 4. You have to create one system for each Core, wherein to manage these information you can use the 'Rule of one' method. This method says that you should have one Master task list, one calendar, one contacts list and one system for your notes or documents using either a paper-based system or a digital system or a blended system whichever works best for you. By doing this, you will create a system which will help you in managing your essential information allowing you to know precisely where and how to access it anywhere, anytime.

It is difficult to deal with a vast amount of incoming information while trying to overcome the use of technology but it takes real effort to defend our most important priorities and give them our finest attention and energy.