In today’s world, constant stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and sleep surrounds our mode of life. It’s common to hear complains like “I am feeling lethargic,” “I am not able to keep my eyes open,” “My brain is not working today;” This is what the scientists call exhaustion syndrome, and for a layperson, this syndrome is called burnout. Our body gives us a signal as to when we need to pause or to take a break. However, we ignore these signs and continue to push ourselves and immerse ourselves in work. However, little do we know that it is utmost essential to have downtime as if we continue to work in this lethargic state even if we finish the work but the quality and the pace of the work to be completed is affected immensely.

To be extraordinarily, productive people consistently need to recharge themselves. Recharging themselves will give them a constant feeling of energy and capability throughout the day; it helps in maintaining a regular flow of fuel to the mind and body, which helps in performing the best. We have to slow down, recharge ourselves, and then speed up. Our body is not made to work continuously without any breaks; downtime helps in bringing back to your productive self.

Downtime not necessarily mean going for a vacation, it is time you get while commuting to-and-fro from work, or while waiting for people for meeting or during the lunchtime. Most of us on an average spend an hour or so commuting daily, instead of thinking or doing work try to make it a point to do something which will help you rejuvenate it can be reading a book, listening to audiobooks, listening to music, solving some light puzzles to name a few. It is a proven fact that taking regular downtime increases your productivity level, as overworking your brain or staying focussed for a long time doesn’t yield quality results of the work you are doing.

Research has shown that “Sitting is the new smoking.” Our brain and the rest of our body work together to help us get from one place to another. This integrated movement system threatens our body when it is not moving. This lack of motion releases chemicals that put your body in standby which results in decreased blood flow to your brain, lower your alertness, and impair your thinking and judgment. Hence, we must constantly move our body at regular intervals throughout the day. Take a break from work at least every half hour or ninety minutes and walk towards your breakout area to fill water, or take stairs rather than an elevator, regular exercise also helps in optimizing your brain and body energy.

In the end, having a healthy mind in a healthy body is vital to be productive. Taking a mini downtimes or breaks does wonder in alleviating your brainpower, and hence productivity also increases. By investing your time during your day to do something which makes you happy will result in fuelling your mind and body which will help you make better decisions, help in focussing your attention and energy and make you feel genuinely accomplished at the end of every day.