How would you react when the ideas or the opinion in matters of work always met with negative comments by your team leader? When consistently met with negativity, one becomes reclusive and dread the moment when you have to encounter your team leader. You behave in such a manner because you are aware that any discussion with your team leader will end with a note of pessimism. One of the essential qualities of being a great leader is that a leader has to exude positive energy. In general, as well; been around a cheerful, pleasant, positive, and a person with an optimistic attitude induces positive thinking in you.

For a leader, it becomes imperative to be positive to build an organization fuelled with positive energy. Positivity flows powerfully from the top; employees when working with leaders who have positive energy emulates the same with their team members. The success or failure of the team will actuate by the energy of the leader he/she effuses. The team is motivated and focused when they have a leader who projects positive energy. Positive energy from the leader makes the environment a very comfortable one, employees are not hesitant to discuss things with their leaders, they are open and actively involved in the discussions pertaining to the business.


Negative energy is the breeding ground for jealousy, insecurity, breakdown of communication, unproductivity, to name a few. Many a time, people have witnessed hostility amongst the employees in an organization due to the negativity in the team.  A hostile environment is an unhealthy and unstable environment to be working in. Low trust environment gets developed, which affects the organizations in achieving their objectives as the employees become non-cooperative and fail to comprehend things from the organization perspective. Employees working in a positive environment clearly understand the objective of the company due to the open communication and also envisage that the decisions taken are for the best interest of the organization hence should not be taken personally.



For establishing a successful and positive organization, it becomes vital to focus on the foundation of the company in terms of positive energy, the employees, the culture of the company, the trust environment of the organization. Once addressed, then all the other elements like revenue, new clients, expansions, which makes an organization successful will follow. To promote an organizational environment with positive energy, it is a prerequisite that the leader understands the advantage of it. The leader will then take a conscious effort to instil a positive attitude in the employees by investing in it and eventually developing the positive energy in them. Positive energy is a powerful tool, a leader who understands this will be successful in making a successful organization where every employee is willingly aligned with the objective of the company and gives more than 100% to achieve it.