Trust is an inevitable part of life in general, any relations, be it professional or personal, are challenging to sustain without trust. It is essential to build trust by being transparent by demonstrating respect by being an attentive listener. These will allow one to become a more trusted leader, but along with these, one has to extend trust towards others. Extending trust would not only build trust, but it also heightens trust.

‘Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.’

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Extending trust can help a person motivate and perform better. This was demonstrated in the recently concluded Cricket World Cup where England won their maiden World Cup trophy.

All-rounder Ben Stokes played a pivotal role in getting the World cup for England; his match-winning innings of 84 on the day of finals helped England to tie with New Zealand and eventually England won the match because of the superior boundary count. Well, things were not that well for Ben Stokes in the year 2016 during the World T20 final against West Indies. The player was smashed for four consecutive sixes by the West Indies player which led to their victory.


This incident affected him a lot called it the worst moment of his career, which led him to go into depression.


A couple of years ago he was amidst a brawl in a nightclub. This incident took a toll on his career as well he was sacked as England Vice-captain and was dropped out of the team in the subsequent tour. He faced his all-time career low. In spite of that, the selectors and captain of the current England team extended their trust in him and selected him in the team for the World Cup. The World cup helped him redeem himself from his past and due to his efforts England won their first-ever World cup, but he was also awarded player of the match.

The above is an excellent example of how extending trust will generate positive results. By extending trust, it unleashes human potential and multiplies performance. Extending trust has a complementary effect it is giving back to those who extended it and taken it forward to others who could benefit from it, which would aid in creating a high trust culture in the organizations. It produces results as people get inspired,  which brings out the best in them and motivates them to do better every single time; they are assigned anything. People are willing to go that extra mile to show their capabilities. Trusting our employees also inspires them to develop their abilities; when people are entrusted with the responsibility, they tend to rise to the occasion.

By extending trust, one empowers people. It creates a high trust culture as people are trying to bring out the best in them, which creates high-level synergy and the ability of the people are at the optimum level.