Empowerment in Management terms means the process through which the leaders gives the deserving employees the authority to make business decisions, it is where the leaders don’t supervise them but the employees manage themselves, they are self-sufficient. The leaders’ role in the organization where the employees are empowered is that of a source of help to the employees. The ability of the leader to empower the team, which enables them to accomplish maximum success says a lot about the quality of the leadership.

The organization with a high trust environment is where the leaders empower their employees as in such an environment; the leaders need not control them. They have full faith in the capability of their employees in taking the right decision, which would transcend them to achieve the ultimate objective of the organization. The leader, who gives the opportunity to the employees, understands that his/her success is directly proportional to the success of the employees; hence ensures that the employees are more empowered. Empowering makes the employees not only motivated, but they are also willing to push their boundaries to achieve the goal of the team and the company as a whole.

How can a leader empower the employees? Demonstrating Trust and granting the employees to make their own decision are the ways through which empowerment of the employees can be achieved. The leader can do that by engaging with the team/employee in the decision-making process and allowing them to participate in the process, which will guide the leader to gauge the capability of the team/employee. The leader has to make a sound decision about the level of empowerment to be given to the employees based on the interaction with each of them. This is because all the employees might not have the same level of potential or capability and hence giving each of them the equal amount of autonomy and responsibility might not work in favour of the organization as the whole.

Empowering the employee is one of the crucial dimensions of being a Leader. By enabling the team members, the leader is building a strong team and a better workplace culture, as empowered employees have high morale, which motivates them to work harder. It nurtures the employees and helps in building the confidence of the employee. Most exceptional leaders are those who empower the employees to step up and lead.

The advantages of having an empowered employee are that they are more productive as well as industrious than others as they are aware of the ultimate objective of the organization and are firmly committed to achieving it. By been involved in the decision-making process, the employee becomes more accountable towards the team and the organization. Ultimately when the right people are empowered to make relevant decisions and to take independent action, it forms emulous force which will positively influence every facet of the business.