What is the one thing great leaders and successful people constantly do? Why is one person better equipped with handling change compared to others. Successful people and great leaders are constantly in the process of renewing themselves hence they are adept at handling change or any untoward situation. No person or enterprise can sustain over a longer period of time, if they fail to reinvent themselves. The single most powerful investment we can ever make in life is the investment in ourselves. Investing in oneself will broaden one’s horizon with new ideas and the person will help others byhaving a better perspective about things.

Reinventing yourself does not just mean updating oneself with the current trends and gathering knowledge through different mediums. Although it is important to be well read but for an overall holistic development one has to concentrate on the other 3 dimensions as well i.e. the Physical, Spiritual, and Social aspect along with the mental aspect.

The Physical dimensions means taking care of your health and involves exercising regularly, eating the right kind of foods, getting enough sleep. It takes efforts to be physically fit, but the long term benefits of inculcating the habit of exercising regularly will keep you both mentally and physically fit.The Spiritual dimension of renewing oneself deals with giving time to yourself. Doing things which give you peace such as meditating, some like to spend time with nature while others listen to music or indulge in art etc. Reinventing oneself also means building your relationship by being respectful to others, listening empathically, valuing other peoples’ opinions. Mental development is a very essential part in renewing yourself, there is no better way to inform and expand your mind on a regular basis than to get into the habit of reading good literature or these days watching a lot of informational videos such as Ted Talks. Apart from reading, writing is another efficient way to sharpen yourself. Keeping a journal promotes getting mental clarity which will affect in our ability to think clearly, to reason accurately, and to be understood effectively.

Reinventing doesn’t limit itself to an individual only, it also holds true in the business world as well. The dynamic nature of the global economy makes it absolutely necessary to keep reinventing the organization as per changing dynamics.The survival of any organization is very slim, if they fail to reinvent themselves.The name Nokia is synonyms with mobile phones and was considered the go to brand if you were planning to buy a mobile phone.

The company was the leading mobile phone maker for a really long time. The company slowly started to crumble which lead them to lay off 1000 odd employees. The Finnish company attributed their failure to not reacting to the changing market conditions, and by the time they realised this, the market was taken over by new players.Nokia is a good example the struggle of the company who failed to reinvent as per the changing dynamics.

On the other hand if you take the instance of Apple and Amazon, these companies have been constantly reinventing themselves, diversifying not only their products but their businesses. This has helped Apple in becoming one of the most profitable companies of all time and Jeff Bezos of Amazon is the richest man in the world with the first one to have a personal worth in excess of $ 100 billion.

The famous quote “Change is the only constant in life” by Heraclitus, the pre-Socractic Greek philosopher holds true in today’s times. Continuous improvement is crucial for sustaining in this ever changing dynamics of nature. So be prepared to either create history or else become history!!