There is a saying that ‘People don’t leave an organization, they leave their managers’. One of the key areas employees state that their manager needs to improve onis their approachability. Being a Manager is more than just people management. Although people management isone of the core responsibilities of the manager but the way the manager manages the people is the actual test of a really good manager. Out of all the traits, a manager should possess approachability as one of the most important attributes which stands out.

Being approachable means an employee should not think twice before going to their boss with their concerns or opinions. Managersneed to build an environment that it is conducivefor employees to feel free in interacting with their superiors without any fear. One can be, by practicing an open door policy with their employees. Open door policy is nothing but a communication method being adopted by the employers where the employees are free to ask questions, free to meet with their superiors, ask them questions, voice their opinions, or give suggestions to them whenever the employees feel the need to.Working in an environment where the employees have the freedom to express their opinion without worrying about the consequences creates a positive working atmosphere in the office.

Listening to the employees with empathy and compassion is a sign of being personable. By caring about the well-being of their employees’ it shows the human side of the senior, it shows that the senioris concerned about them beyond work. This helps in increasing the trust factor in the employee and when the trust factor is high, the employees loyalty towards the person and organisation also increases.

The manager who believes in being approachable earns people’s respect. Employees are aware that their superior respects their views and their opinion, whether positive or negative, and it will be taken in the right spirit. Being approachable also helps in fixing the mistake or the problem at an early stage as employees don’t hesitate to approach their manager and inform them about the situation as soon as it happens rather than wait till it gets out of hand.

Gone are the days when the mere mention of a manager was frowned upon, as the image of the manager is that of a person who is like a dictator who doesn’t value employees’ opinion and views. At present, the managers are changing these perceptions and trying to make the work environment comfortable and supportive to work inas the image of the manager today has to be that of a person who is like friend philosopher and guide ie coach like who doesn’t only value employees’ opinion and views but their potential as well and supports them in releasing it. The management has realised that in order to be successful they have to work hand in hand with the team rather than the team work for them.