Many times we have heard from our elders to have patience, but how many times have we realised the importance of it. In today’s super-fast paced life patience is one thing that is lacking almost in everyone. It is very evident especially during traffic or when the signal turns green. As soon as the signal goes green incessant honking starts to make the vehicle before you move ahead, without even thinking that they will be able to move only if there was place to move; lack of patience is also one of the reasons for road rage which at times become fatal.

Youngsters nowadays don’t seem to have the quality of patience and perseverance. They need everything at the snap of their fingers. Be it delivery of the food they have ordered or the success they want in their lives. Everything should be achieved really fast and sadly, at times, they are ready to resort to illegal means to get what they want quickly. On the contrary our elders i.e. our grandparents were the torch bearers of patience and perseverance. The freedom movement in India is an excellent illustration through which we can realise the importance of these qualities. The free country we are living in was achieved due to the struggle of close to 90 years+ by our freedom fighters and one can’t imagine the state of our nation if they had been impatient and easily given up the fight in getting independence for the nation.

All relationships in our life also need to be nourished through patience and perseverance.In the present time exercising patience and perseverance is posing as a challenge to almost every individual. The divorce rate today is at all-time high; that itself shows how people are not even giving time to nurture their relationships which requires patience and perseverance. People mistake a patient person as someone who is weak but on the contrary shows the grit and determination of the person who wants things to work out. Mothers are the epitome of patience and perseverance, first, they wait for nine long months for their child and then patiently they watch them grow and nurture and guide the child in becoming confident enough to face the world.

Patience and Perseverance are two of three P’s of Entrepreneurship along with Persistence. No business can be successful if they think they will be one of the most successful business ventures in a couple of years. Had the industrialists like Tata or Birla been impatient then they would not have become the largest industrial conglomerate it is today. It is because of the patience and perseverance of the entrepreneur that the business becomes successful.

Be it our career, or our personal equation with people around us; everything thing in our life goes through a rollercoaster ride. The key to overcoming challenging times is through patience. The proverb Rome was not built in a day aptly conveys that it is patience and perseverance that will make success possible.