Everyone fears failure. It is a natural human tendency to have this fear. Failure is generally looked down upon and is considered as a negative. Many emotions come out when faced with failure. People get frustrated and angry when they do not attain success repeatedly; people feel embarrassed to face people and answer their questions. People doubt their own capability and most of the timethey lose their mojo because they have encountered failures in life and now give up without even giving it a fair shot.

People fear failure because most of the time when they admit to the failure they are blamed for the cause are treated very shabbily without many times a second chance being given to redeem themselves.At times people don’t even start anything new or take an initiative because of the fear failure. People have to realise that it impossible to go through life without encountering some or the other type of failure; there is no life without failure and that there is no shame in failing provided we learn from it. As the saying goes “There are Winners and the there are learners”. Failures are only those who refuse to learn from their experience.

Most of you feel that failure is the hindrance to success but it is failure that is our true friend helps us to understand the true essence of success. Take the example of the iconic actor of Indian film Industry Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He was rejected from All India Radio because of his deep baritone. After he joined the film industry in late the 1960s, he didn’t get immediate success, he gave 12 flops before finally, his movies started to become superhits and he became the greatest bankable superstar to date.

Again in the year 2000 he was embroiled in a major financial crisis and went bankrupt. But that didn’t deter his spirit, he slowly picked up all the pieces and fought back his detractors and rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Had he given up because he faced so many failures he wouldn’t have become “the” Amitabh Bachchan that everyone loves worldwide.

Attitude towards failure is what matters most. People think that when they have failed to achieve success it means that it is all over for them. There is a story that is commonly told about Thomas Edison, is that he tried 1000 times before becoming successful in inventing the light bulb.However when he was asked about it he allegedly said “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb." That’s the attitude we all must inculcate in us. Instead of sulking, becoming all negative about it, we should always try and learn from our failures. To think about it failure makes our brain more alert as it makes us think about better ways to do the work than we had done previously hence making us raise our game.

We need to stop seeing failure as the end of the world and look at it as a milestone on our journey towards achieving success by learning the lessons it teaches which helps us being alert in not repeating the errors and also in becoming better individuals with greater tenacity and resilience.

Hence take failure as a groundwork for success rather than a hindrance!!