As contradictory as it sounds, the most important way to reduce stress is to de-stress when stress is at its peak.

Most people in today's economy have reached a condition of static stress. You ask anyone on how they are in their professional space and in every likelihood it will boil to down to a condition of stress or anxiety.

Eliminating stress may be residing in our circle, of course, a domain which is induced by external factors, something we have no control over. However managing that stress is wholly and solely in our circle of influence, we have full power and control over it.

Stress breeds on stress, the more you dive deep into a stressful situation it's going to harder, exhausting and frustrating. When you encounter high pressure and stressful situation what you need is clarity and purpose.

The next time you're in the whirlwind of a stressful situation try adopting one of these techniques.

Step back

When you're in the whirlwind of stress, it is important to take a step back. Taking a step back away from the situation often gives you the solution that dwelling within the problem won't give you. Stepping back for a couple of minutes and shutting the mind out, helps you come back with more clarity and calmness. It helps you rethink and come back with solutions from the thinking mind rather than acting on impulse reflexes. Sit back and shut your eyes for a few minutes to help clear the mind and come back with more focus.

Sip on something hot

The sheer nature of a hot drink doesn't allow you to rush. Sipping on something hot without you realizing it brings comfort and a sense of ease to the mind. Warmer drinks are like blankets to the mind they help ease the stress and induce the brain to become calmer and think with more clarity. Sipping on herbal teas provides the calm to the brain along with preventing the body from entering a state of dehydration. When in a situation of stress it’s easy to forget to drink water but dehydration slows the brain's processing and functioning, in addition to making you feel tired and exhausted. Having a hot cup of herbal tea by your side will increase your ability to deal with the stress along with preventing a feeling of uneasiness and exhaustion.

Change your environment

Sitting by the desk staring into a screen or dashing out on your keyboard isn't always the solution. Sometimes the solution is simple and right out there, maybe even in an opposite direction to where you are headed. Changing your environment even for a few minutes changes your perspectives.

Something as simple as walking around your block and discussing a problem rather than at a desk can open the minds thinking to multiple solutions. The change in surroundings changes the brain's thinking.

The next time you’re in the whirlwind of stress tries adopting any one of these tips to notice the change in yourself management of stress. Don’t focus on the dimension of eliminating stress focus more on how you deal with it. As you slowly become conscious and take measures to manage it, you’ll slowly see yourself as stronger and more powerful in combating stress.