Today it is quite common that most of the people check their mobile phone rst thing in the morning, i.e. before even getting out of our bed. Some people check their mail and decide their course of action for the day while others mindlessly browse through their social media account. Throughout the day the body and mind work overtime running around for meetings, stress about meeting deadlines, answering emails which have piled up during the day, etc. Productivity suers as one gets over-whelmed by the constant chatters in our mind which in turn gets cluttered by too many things happen-ing around us, and we are unable to focus on our task ahead be it professional personal. It is essential to declutter your mind from the chaos to concentrate better and be more productive.

Some of the ways to attain this are as follows.

Keep a Journal

Many people when they were young used to keep a journal to write down their thoughts which they couldn’t share with anyone. Writing your thoughts, apprehensions, new ideas, etc. helps in clearing your inner chatter. Start to write your everyday view will help you to retro-spect what you have done and what you’ve missed. Writing a journal helps to align your thoughts and aides in managing your anxiety, stress, etc. It is also useful to prioritize things as it becomes easy when you write the ideas down and then go through it.


Meditation is another activity through which you can clear your mind from unnecessary clut-ter. The benets of meditation have been known since ancient times. Sages and saints used to practice meditation to calm them and free them from all external and internal worries. Meditation pushes you to focus your mind entirely, it has the ability to make a person feel better as it releases the negativity and helps in gaining clarity of thoughts as well.

Digital detox

n today’s age, we all have become a slave of technology. Most of us start our day by check-ing the mail or browsing through social media. Although technology has made our life more comfortable it has also made people distant as well; people don’t spend quality time with our loved ones, it aects relationships. People spend so much time with gadgets that they ignore the importance of doing outdoor activi-ties which would enhance their mental and physical strength. One should schedule a time in a day wherein; you don’t use any form of technology and use this time to write, have a conversation with your family members or can be used for your hobby. To be more productive and to have an improved relationship it is essential to take a digital detox .

Take time off

With the everyday grind, it is necessary to take some time o from all the hustle. Taking vacation is essential for everyone and it will help your brain to switch o and relax completely. Taking time o is an excellent way to detox your mind from the stress. Breaks make you more produc-tive and creative as by taking a break they avoid burnouts. In the long run, these time os will promote health and people are happier which directly impacts the way they do their work. Just like a spring cleaning of the house, spring cleaning of the mind is also essential. Just like at home, closets and cabinets need tidying up, our minds too needs that for better functioning.