In the world of sales, it’s a comon belief that if you sell yourself well your product will auto- matically sell. The charm and charisma of a salesman is put in the spotlight leaving the client and their concerns in the dark.

In todays competitive and rapidly changing business environment, its not about you but more about them. Its moving from a “I can sell” mindset to “I can provide a solution” mind- set.

When it comes to sales the impression has its fare share of value holding. From the moment you set foot into the same room as the client you have started creating an impres- sion. When you carry yourself you don’t just represent yourself but you represent your brand.

But this is the external impression that is created before you are into your interaction with the client. Once your interaction with the client has begun it is not you that you are selling but your product or your solution.

Contrary to the belief of a salesman pitching forth and selling all the range, products or solutions its important to reverse the roles and let the client speak out all their areas of con- cern ie pain or what they are hoping to generate upon getting in a deal with you ie gain.

When you have a holistic 360 degree view of where the client is standing at the point in time of speaking to you and where they hope to be once they have engaged with you, you’ll know what needs to be pitched and in how much detail.

When you start pitching a product or solution after you have heard what the clients expec- tations are providing a product or solution will kill two birds with one stone:

It makes the client feel like you are speaking their mind. Its like you have re-affirmed and validated their desired outcome. It provides them with a sense of satisfaction of having been understood and that you truly understand their view and current standing.

2. When you are now talking to the client about the offering you know exactly on which product to lay emphasis based on tying them to the areas that the client just laid out.

When the two points are tied together its like a visual repre- sentation of the clients issue along with the apt solution. Its like providing them a roadmap to their concerned area. Its something only a solution can sell through inquiry and advocacy.

You know your products the best hence you know as a salesman what will nip the issue from the bud or generate the desired results. Over inquiry is always better than over advocacy. When your client feels heard and understood half your battle is won and the other half will be won when your product or solution eliminates or generates the results required.

Pitching without inquiry is almost like prescribing for a patient without diagnosing first rather than listening first and then prescribing.

When you sell the apt product or solution that ties perfectly to solve or generate the results that the client is looking for you have created a bank of goodwill that no amount of self proficiency can get you. Your actions and intent will win you a long term relationship with the client and not just a deal.