There is no doubt that the hardest stage in any sales cycle is moving your target client from the conviction stage to the closure stage. There maybe multiple factors that contribute to the hesitation that may leave you hanging for days, weeks or even months on end.

One of the major reasons in this wait period is bias. A bias a client may have for an organization they are currently working with or maybe an exposure to another organzation through past experience or maybe the price variance among other factors.

There is one and only one thing that can bridge the gap in such a situation, and that is your intent. A clear reflection of your intent to provide your client with your product or solution not because you want to meet your sales target but because you want to help them succeed.

In todays economy where everything is cut throat and one is willing to crush another to succeed if there is one thing that stand out it is the intent to see your success through your clients success.

It is easy to say and hard to convey, so how do you really get your client to see through your intent ? It’s a simple rule when you are trying to offer a product or a solution to your target client go with no prefixed notions. Go with an intention of truly understanding what is the clients end in mind and how your product or solution will and if at all helps achieve that.

When setting in to prepare for a meeting it is more critical to prepare for the questions that will help you and the client gain clarity on the current situation and the expected outcome than it is to prepare a sales pitch on promoting your product or solution.

Contrary to what you might have heard of any sales pitch, its not the way you promote your product or service that will win the client for you but it is the amount you hear and understand about your client that will win you the deal.

It’s the inquiry and not the advocacy that is your weapon in eliminating any form of bias that a client has towards your product or service. At the bottom line the client wants to be felt understood and reassured that you have not only the right product or solution but even the right intent towards achieving their desired result. When you inquire and then match your product or solution to their requirements it creates an immediate effect of trust and reassurance in your brand.

A truly successful sale is not from the amount you close on one deal but on the number of times the client chooses to return back to you for your services. The repeat will be inevitable when you listen with empathy to the clients needs and provide a solution or product to solve the problem. Deliver the results with the mission to help each client succeed and your success is inevitable.