There was no genius in the history of time that was purely born a genius. Take any genius in any field and they all will have one thing in common. And that one factor is realizing the power of a habit.They didn't just become renowned in their field by sitting and dreaming of it. They worked hard and relentlessly for it by instilling habits that pushed the accelerator of their dreams.They practiced perfection and delivering extra ordinary to such a degree that they knew no other way to perform. Extra ordinary became their ordinary.

They automated their genius.
How can you automate you genius?
It all goes down to instil habits that drive your big goals till those habits become second nature and you almost move you towards your goal in auto pilot.

To instil a habit for a lifetime it is critical to consider the following:

1. Find the purpose

When it comes to instilling habits, the first most critical step is to understand your goal. It is important to understand what is driving you and what success would look like at the finish line. It is creating a statement that drives your everyday and every action.
This statement is like a fuel to your willpower to execute and commit to relentless practice and growth.

2. Instil the how's

Rome wasn't built in a day and nor do any of us have the super power to change over night. To ensure that the blocks of habits that you are building are empowering you to achieve your goal it is important to identify those actions that will drive those goals.These actions form the power of habit and instill discipline. It will empower you to identify what it takes and to do what it takes to get what you want.

3. No excuses

What differentiates a top performer to the rest is that they stay committed to performing high-value activities even when they don't feel like doing them. They give in a 100% even when they find every reason to quit. They move to conquer their no for a bigger yes.

4. Reap the result

Once you have found your purpose and identified the activities that drive that purpose, you will begin to reap the results. Daily improvements, no matter how small they maybe when done diligently start yielding phenomenal results. It is the result that gives you the amplified motivation to continue to work on instilling the habit. All small rewards along the way are the power to lead you to the ultimate triumph.
All change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle but is without a doubt glorious at the end. The true mastery and making of a genius is never done in the light of an audience it is done in the lone time of investing in skills with practice, patience and diligence. What the outer world sees and then goes to say that they are born with it or lucky to have it is a result of the investment in instilling strong habits.