Think any big and significant goal that you’ve achieved. It would involve you having to step out of your comfort zone. It will demand of you to do things that you’ve never done before to see results that you've never seen before.

It's not easy, because doing something you haven’t done before puts you in a blank spot makes you think of things you’ve not thought before makes you do things outside of what you’ve been doing.

As a society we’ve come to like and get accustomed to comfort and routine. We don’t like making ourselves uncomfortable and nor do we like making other uncomfortable. But in complete honesty with absolute scientific backing anything that pushes you outside your comfort zone is a good thing. Great results only come when you step out of your comfort zone.

Take a simple example of weight loss. We’ve all made goals around it be it gaining or shedding some weight or simply adopting a healthy lifestyle. But then not even 20 days through most of us have already stumbled and fallen off.

Why does this happen?

Its simple it makes you uncomfortable it makes you do things that you haven’t done before. It makes you switch from sitting all day to incorporating movement; it makes you ditch the sugary foods for healthier options. It’s making you move from a zone and routine that you had got comfortable with to a zone your extremely uncomfortable in.

Most of us when trying to make a change outside our comfort zone try to change our existing habits. And that’s the point where we go wrong, and make statements like “It’s a habit” “It’s become a habit, I can’t change now”’.

When you are trying to step outside your comfort zone and drive a new change for yourself, try making new habits rather than correcting the old ones. Its easier and faster to build new habits than to correct the old ones. When you build a new habit the brain slowly forgets the old habits and begins hard wiring the new ones.

There is a higher chance of success when you set yourself up to achieve the same goal with the different outlook from “I can’t “to “I choose”. It makes the stepping out of your comfort zone a mentally much easier task.

So, if you are looking at losing weight laying focus on how you’re going to stop all that you’re eating and doing right now will only set you up for failure.

Try your same weight goal but with a different route instead of saying “I will stop eating chocolates” try saying “I will start eating seasonal fruits”. It will change your approach and make the journey of transition seamless. Before you know it your brain would have hardwired the habit and it will become your comfort zone.

Anything outside your comfort zone is hard till you adopt it and make it your comfort zone. Running a marathon starts a mile at time, but each mile added is a few added to your comfort zone and a few stretched beyond. The same is any goal that is going to give you extra-ordinary results.