Urgency Addiction

In the present world, almost all of us are addicted to urgency mindset. Urgency mindset has become the order of the day. The dictionary meaning of urgency is ‘very important and needing attention immediately,’ and that of addiction is ‘the need or strong desire to do or to have something, or a very strong liking for something.’ The people with Urgency mindset crave for constant busyness in their life and hence they looking for things to check off, even if it is frivolous.

Why do people have this urgency addiction?

It is because by creating the false sense of urgency about a task, individual gets all pumped up to do it, they are elated to check the task off from there to do list giving them a sense of achievement without even knowing whether the done task holds any value or not. While accomplishing the enormous task, the dopamine level in the brain goes up; dopamine is a chemical which helps in experiencing the natural pleasures of life. It gives people the energy to get up and get going.  The addiction to urgency leads in producing dopamine which the brain likes and individuals start pursuing activities simply because they produce dopamine irrespective of the fact whether the activities undertaken are helpful or productive,

People addicted to urgency justify their behaviour by saying that they do their best work under pressure. However, the truth of the matter is that we rarely do our best work under pressure. While working under pressure, we will work hard to get the job done, but at the same time, the quality of the work is not the same as expected while doing good work. To avoid this, one has to consciously make efforts in generating attention towards the work that lay ahead of them when there is still copious time in hand. This will ensure a high-quality result.

Procrastination is another reason why people become prone to urgency. At times people are not motivated enough to get the things going, and hence they wait for the deadline. Other times people procrastinate when they are unsure how to proceed with the given task or when they have this acute fear of failure, which makes them put off the task till it becomes a crisis. The right way to deal with this to get started and seeks the guidance of your seniors to get clarity about the things to be done.

Urgency addiction gives a false sense of sense worth, the key to getting out of the urgency addiction is to take a pause and contemplate what is coming at you and then make a sound decision whether doing the task in question is worth your time and energy. This act of pausing before we act helps us in getting the real achievement. With practice it is possible to come out of the addiction and rewire your brain in doing things which are important and not urgent, thus taking charge and doing things that will make a real difference in terms of accomplishment and results.