The term EQ (Emotional Quotient) has been coming up quite often in conversations and in fact Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi during an interactive session with students has said “Emotional bonding is very important for the overall development of a human being”. He also believes that “IQ (Intelligence Quotient) might guarantee you some success, but it is EQ that gives your aim, your mission a purpose.” So what is the EQ that all are talking about and how is it becoming one of the crucial aspects of becoming successful in life.

Emotional Quotient as the name suggests is concerned with the emotion of a person. It tells us how a person is; emotionally. EQ focuses on the capability of the person whether they are in control of their emotions, will they be able to understand what others feel and using this understanding to communicate. By understanding the emotions of others, they are able to relate better with them. EQ helps in forming healthy relationships in every aspect of life be it professional or personal hence, EQ is more to do with human behaviour rather than their intelligence.

The success of any relationship is based on the fact that how emotionally involved you are with the other person. EQ at workplace sounds like a misfit but in reality, it holds lot of weightage in having a successful professional life. Although earlier Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was touted as a deciding factor of being successful in life; later on it was established that IQ and EQ both are required for success. IQ determines how intelligent you are while EQ tells how emotionally connected you are with yourself as well as with others.

In business, communication plays a very big role in order to interact effectively with others; here emotional intelligence comes into the picture. Leaders with high EQ will be able to motivate themselves as well as their teams in a better way, by understanding what they are going through and accordingly takedecisions which would be fruitful for the overall development of the team and the organisation as a whole.

Understanding human emotions; not only spoken words but also what is not said is a sign of having a high EQ. Understanding why an employee is not focussed or the need of a pep talk with a demotivated employee is a sign of a good leader. People are willing to go an extra mile for a person who makes efforts to connect with them and this leads to better results as people are self-motivated to get the job done nicely.
Organisations are realising the importance of having employees with good EQ hence some of the organisations have incorporated tests which tell them the EQ of the prospective employees. EQ along with IQ has become the main ingredient for success and performance. It helps in leading a fulfilling life both professionally and personally as we tend to understand others in much better manner.