The key driver to any form of success in any consequential amount is just one consistency. You simply cannot drive efficiency without consistency.

The repeated performance of any act, makes the brain hardwired the activity. However if there is an usually long break in performing the activity the brain forgets and has to rebuild the hard wiring once you begin the activity.

Consistency is what builds habits and makes it easier for the brain to increase focus and be more productive. The more dynamic the results, the more consistent you need to be.

Its like driving your car home from work you take the same route every single day and reach a point where you are no longer thinking of the route to work. But if you see a roadblock and need a diversion you’re back to thinking about the route, what is the fastest way, are there any more diversions, will I make it on time. It’s here in a simple example where you’ve move from hard-wiring of consistency to reactive thinking in the moment.

When thinking of being consistent the first thought takes you to probably “That's impossible, nothing is constant in today's economy” or “my business dynamics does not call for a consistent work hour” or “I can’t predict the day to come my job is the call of the hour”.

Consistency doesn't have to always be focused on the dynamic of your business or job profile, those work beyond the situations that you can inuence. Where you can build consistency is in areas and circles of your life that you do have control over. There are simple acts that may not seem like it but can channel your brain into consistency and make you feel more put together, composed and productive.

Wake up at the same time

Today global economy demands so much of our time that we don’t have any consistent sleep pattern. Sleep however is the most critical for the brain to function optimally, it's where the brain composes thoughts and helps deliver them with efficiency.

When you sleep and wake up within reasonably the same hour every day your brain drives a pattern. It sets like an automatic alarm that slows down and calms the brain when you're going to bed and starts assembling your thoughts before you even wake up creating a sense of mental clarity that drives focus through the rest of your day.

When your sleep pattern is erratic the brain has no form of hard wiring and hence is using up mental power that it could for other activities to make sense and put together all that has to be done in your day. It's almost like functioning on an emergency mode, which in the long run leaves you with anxiety, stress and lack of focus.

Eat your meal at the same time

An activity as simple as eating your lunch or breakfast or dinner at the same time can help the brain draw a pattern towards consistency.

The brain loves routine and performs to its maximum eectiveness when there is a pattern. When you set your brain a routine for meals it knows when it’s going to be fueled and sends signals t the rest of the body for optimal utilization of the nutrients to deliver maximum benefit for the high pressure tasks ahead of you.

Plan your week on the same day

The driver to consistency is having a plan. When you don’t have a plan the brain is again set into an emergency mode working on the need of the hour and in constant state of stress and anxiety.

To give consistency to the brain, select a day in the week when you don’t have much being demanded from you. On this day each week plan the week coming ahead in as minute detail as possible. When you do this each week the brain becomes consistent in planning and knowing how to distribute its attention and energy resources. This will make you feel more in control, get more out of your day and give maximum attention to high priority activities that reap the highest results.

You may be into sales, you may be a doctor, you may be a CEO, you may be a student if there is one thing that links everything its consistency.