Engage Yourself

If you are personally disengaged, diagnose why.  Think about yourself as a whole person—body, mind, heart, spirit.

    1.  Body:  Do I get results?  Do I get them in a sustainable way?  (e.g., I build trust with others, I am physically and mentally healthy, my personal life is not falling apart).
    2. Heart:  Does my work tap into my talents and passions?
    3. Mind:  Am I learning and able to use my intelligence and creativity in the majority of my working days?

  1. Spirit:  Is there some larger sense of meaning in what I do?  The meaning could be found in the impact of your product and service to your community/world or it could be found in how you achieve results and develop people or it could be a simple gut check that says, “This feels right.”

Based on your answers, you have choices.  Is there anything you can take responsibility for to impact your engagement?  Is there a need in the organization you could fill that could also re-engage you in your work?  Before you polish your resume figuring it will be better somewhere else, be sure that you have done everything you can based on where you are on the engagement scale—if the problem lies with you, it will unfortunately follow you to your next employer!

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