3P’S of Value calling

Speed, efficiency and accuracy is everything in today’s tech-driven economy. Deals are sold at the click of a button, therefore making every touch point of interaction with the client critical right from the first call is essential. The only way to sustain your client’s attention is to draw attention towards what matters most and provides value to them.

How do you ensure your call is going to drive value to both you and your client?

To ensure and make every call a value call, it is just the simple application of the three P’s- prioritization, preparation and planning.


Prioritization is to establish the reason behind choosing the client and not making it a random call. The basis of prioritization, comes from establishing the basic pre-requisites. These indications could be evidence to validate that the client can in the future move to being a client or customer. The triggers for prioritization could be based on size, price, similar industry as a past client, revenue or other indications that show them being interested in your product or service offering.


Once the company or individual has made it to your prospect list, it doesn’t just stop there. Before you make the call you need to have a strong hold on your research of the company and people that your approaching. You need to have enough information to define value from the prospects points of view.

When preparing for the research of a company it’s important to cover triggers like their plans for the future, the problems they are facing, competitors, acquisitions and earnings.

When it comes to the research of the person you are approaching it is critical to have the basic information especially in today’s day and age when almost everything that is critical to know is available through Social Media such as their age, education, work history along with any recent promotions, common interests and may a time even their ambitions and professional passion.


The final stage is to plan and the end in mind when planning is to get a meeting with the concerned person. Here it is critical you prepare your path towards what questions your looking at asking, what questions you might get asked and how you will choose to respond to them. It is important to even focus and consider what you will say in the first 15 seconds to create and sustain their interest as the first impression is crucial in establishing your credibility.

When prior to your first meeting these three P’s are in place, you have practically covered everything for effective value calling. When your interactions are, systematic and planned, it will help you generate speed by eliminating the meetings that would come in the way of driving the results that will meet your goals and targets.

With the correct application of these 3 P’s every interaction with the client will be more effective, coming from the solid foundation of research of the individual, the organization and their needs. The solution to be directed to the client’s problems will not only become easier but also have greater clarity. Tying the 3P’s ultimately to the solution being provided will be like a tailor-made solution to the client’s problem.

These 3P’s to value calling will not only help you make effective calls but also help you win the confidence of the client before they even begin to deal with you.

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